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About us

About is a project of MBF Technologies, we have currently launched this website in Pakistan and have a plan to expand in other Gulf countries. is one of the exciting new entry in very competitive world of free classified websites.
There are hundreds and thousands of websites on internet which gives the individuals and businesses an opportunity to promote their products or services, some of them are free and some charge nominal fee to stay on top of a page or featured listing to target more audience.
Apart from having very organized categories, user friendly interface and modern style, has some unique features that stands out this website from competitors. Those features are reintroducing of concept of bartering and wall of kindness.
Bartering as a concept is not new, perhaps the initial human trades happened through bartering before introduction of currency, after introduction of precious metal coins as a currency and then modern currency notes has undermine the need of exchange of products which sometimes is profitable and easy way to get what you want in exchange of what you don’t want. Thanks to this website which has brought again this concept to life.
How this system works, people can place their free ads in normal way and then at the end can select the option bartering. This would place their ads in this category so all products in similar price range and has the bartering feature selected would show together to talk to the seller directly. This option tells that other party is also interested in exchange of products rather than selling in exchange of money.
Wall of kindness is a concept where people can place their products for fee and needy people can approach them directly. This promotes the concept of generosity and serving humanity.
Main Categories in this website are, Classified, Motors, Business and services, Jobs, Property, Wall of kindness and Barter. Under main categories there are sub categories.
Search page gives the option to select all the ads on the website by just pressing “find” button without writing any details or can search by writing city names or specific to product or category.
Browsing is free and there is no sign up required not just to see the ads but all the details and sellerscontact information is visible.
Login and registration is required to place ads only. Facebook and Google Plus login options are available along with registering directly on the website.
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